Washington Students Build 3D Printer for Competition, then Pivot and Use Engineering Skills to Make Masks

Oak Harbor High School students Aidan Kinnaman, Ashlyn LeClercq and Tyler Anders were preparing for the 2020 Engineering Technology Design competition before it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they quickly adapted to use their essential skills to serve the community.


Chelle Travis

Ask Chelle: SkillsUSA Champions Online

Executive Director Chelle Travis has a long family history and nearly two decades of work experience in career and technical education. Got a question? She can help.

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The Road Ahead

As a graduating high school student, I can assure you that I’m worried about the future. Somehow, in this ever-changing …

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Shining a Light on True Value Means Sharing the Spotlight

Yep, we Americans sure love our sports heroes. Understandably so; they bring us joy, inspiration and something to aspire to. …

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