“Do They Really Take Girls?” — Passing Preconceptions

When an interest in automotive technology led her to consider courses in high school, Noemi Castro wondered if her gender could be an obstacle. It wasn’t. Through SkillsUSA, she quickly found a confidence-igniting spark that’s led to a full-throttle career.

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Success is Made from Many Recipes

“Being a chef is the most exciting profession you can be in, because you can create whatever you want out of whatever you have and make it look and taste good. And no one needs to know the difference.” Those insightful words from William Gorham apply as much to life itself as they do to his current “dream job” profession. In fact, at one time, Gorham’s life felt more like a nightmare.

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Linked by Ink

A passion for their shared trade area sparked them to tremendous individual success. Now, this Maryland printing duo shares something else: a passion for each other.

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Insider’s Guide to (Virtual) Competition

The way SkillsUSA conducts our competitions might have temporarily changed as a result of the global pandemic, but one thing hasn’t: Earning a medal as a SkillsUSA Championships competitor is the same “kind-of-a-big-deal” it’s always been. Our 2021 Insider’s Guide could help you find your way to the virtual medal stage.

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Vintage Wheels Spin a Modern Success Story

On the day he joined SkillsUSA, Ben Falconer proclaimed he’d secure bragging rights as a gold medalist in the Automotive Refinishing competition. What SkillsUSA helped him achieve since that bold prediction has proven far more important, leading Falconer to a successful, rewarding career restoring some of the rarest, most expensive cars in the world.

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Flowers Through Concrete

When Rah’Mere Williams insulted his instructor with a crude name, it looked as if whatever dreams he’d had for a successful future were fading. Turns out, they were about to come into sharper focus, and Williams was about to grab them, never to let go again.

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From SkillsUSA.org

SkillsUSA Names Top Three “Models of Excellence” Schools

Winners Highlighted for Application of SkillsUSA Framework in Chapter Programming Leesburg, Va. — The top three schools in the nation were recognized for excellence in …

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2020 Fine Homebuilding Scholarship Winners Announced

Fine Homebuilding has awarded 14 #KeepCraftAlive scholarships to SkillsUSA members studying in construction-related fields who plan to continue their education for the 2020-21 academic year. …

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New National Officers

Join us in congratulating the newly-elected 2020-21 SkillsUSA National Officer Team! These members will lead SkillsUSA over the next year as the organization navigates new …

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