More Than Words on a Poster

Kimberly Petronella, SkillsUSA’s 2022 Advisor of the Year, inspires her students to integrate the SkillsUSA Framework into every aspect of their lives. We take a deeper dive into Petronella’s approach while recognizing the incredible work of each Advisor of the Year finalist.

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A SkillsUSA Network Helps Self-Proclaimed “Brick Chick” Craft a Rock-Solid Career

Her more than 100,000 Instagram followers know her as “That Masonry Girl,” a proud online proponent of the skilled trades. Offline, Ashton White is no less passionate about the trade she loves and the organization — SkillsUSA — that led her to career-ready success.

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Adding Fuel to the Fire

SkillsUSA membership helped her grow as a leader, discover a career passion and achieve success in a field she loves. Now, she’s helping other SkillsUSA California students ignite the power of their own dreams.

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A Brush With Death Changes a Life

Growing up, Ashley Klingberg never liked the police. After a traumatic experience made her reconsider her life choices, she applied the same discipline she had always used as a world-class athlete to her education. In the process, she changed her attitude and direction in life, a direction now pointing to a career in criminal justice.

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Tailor-Made for Success

An early glimpse of his new school sparked a fire for the skilled trades that would fuel this SkillsUSA Massachusetts student’s future, a perfect fit of technical skills, leadership skills and one cherished red jacket.

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Purpose Cemented by Passion

It’s fitting that Peyton Holland is the executive director of the National Technical Honor Society. After all, the inherent honor of the skilled trades was ingrained in him early on by his father. To reach his full potential, however, Holland would need more building blocks to success. He’d find them in a SkillsUSA masonry classroom.

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From SkillsUSA.org

SkillsUSA Names Top Three “Models of Excellence” Schools

Winners Highlighted for Application of SkillsUSA Framework in Chapter Programming Leesburg, Va. — The top three schools in the nation were recognized for excellence in …

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2020 Fine Homebuilding Scholarship Winners Announced

Fine Homebuilding has awarded 14 #KeepCraftAlive scholarships to SkillsUSA members studying in construction-related fields who plan to continue their education for the 2020-21 academic year. …

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New National Officers

Join us in congratulating the newly-elected 2020-21 SkillsUSA National Officer Team! These members will lead SkillsUSA over the next year as the organization navigates new …

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