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They’ve Got 2020 (Leadership) Vision

This newly elected officer team is ready to spread the word about SkillsUSA and lead our members into a new decade
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At this June’s National Leadership and Skills Conference, the 2019-20 SkillsUSA national officers were elected by delegates from across the nation. In July, the team reconvened at SkillsUSA’s national headquarters for a week of intensive training aimed at preparing them for their new roles as the organization’s representatives.

During the coming year, the team will connect with leaders from industry and government, help facilitate national events and advocate nationwide for the value of career and technical education (CTE).

The officers are excited to support the organization by sharing stories of how their SkillsUSA experience has provided them with what’s needed to develop their interests into individual career paths.

“Career and technical education provides opportunities to express who we are through our trade, and to develop our passions and support tomorrow’s workforce,” says Miguel Nunez, SkillsUSA Region 5 vice president.

Nunez’s view is shared by Melissa Moreno, high school vice president at large, who emphasizes that CTE “isn’t only about the students, it’s about our country and providing the skilled workforce that it deserves.”

Adds Skylar Rearick, high school secretary: “SkillsUSA and career and technical education have given students across the country the ability to shape not only their own futures but also the future of our nation.”

SkillsUSA is helping to build America’s future by opening doors for students to develop their dreams. Armed with their extensive experience and drawing on their diverse backgrounds, this team is ready to spread the word.

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