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Local Chapter Helps Feed the Need

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Photo provided by Rockland BOCES. Used with permission.

SkillsUSA students aren’t pausing during the pandemic. They’re still sharpening their skills and, just as importantly, giving back to their communities to help us all get through these tough times together. Take the SkillsUSA chapter from Rockland BOCES in Nyack, N.Y., as a prime example. Over the holidays, these students and advisors organized and implemented an incredibly successful holiday food donation within their school. The total donation came to 838 pounds of food valued at nearly $2,500! The chapter went a step further by delivering the food to “People-to-People,” a local food shelter, where it’s still helping community members in need. Thanks, Rockland, for showing us that just because we’re working in virtual classrooms doesn’t mean we have to stop contributing to our physical communities.

You can follow Rockland BOCES on Facebook here.

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