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From Trades and Competitions to Virtual Environments: 2020-21 National Officers Tell All

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Ever wonder what it’s like to serve as a national officer? Curious about the lessons learned by SkillsUSA’s 2020-21 national officer team during the COVID-19 pandemic? SkillsUSA’s own Craig Moore recently connected with the team to get to know them a little better and find out the answers to these questions.

In this three-part podcast series, the officers share their interests and thoughts on training and serving in a virtual environment and talk about their unique journeys to office. They also discuss important takeaways from their SkillsUSA chapter and competition experience and share how they’ve put their Framework skills to work in their current roles.

How to Listen

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Podcast Interview with SkillsUSA’s National Officers | Part 1: Regional Vice Presidents

Pictured from left to right: Alexis Gamez. Aliyana Martin, Aberrah Nasir, Dianna Serrano and Andi Soliz.

Alexis Gamez, Florida, Region 2 Vice President
Aliyana Martin, Massachusetts, Region 1 Vice President
Abberah Nasir, Ohio, Region 3 Vice President
Dianna Serrano, Texas, Region 4 Vice President
Andi Soliz, Arizona, Region 5 Vice President

Podcast Interview with SkillsUSA’s National Officers | Part 2: College/Postsecondary Officers

College/Postsecondary officers Sarah Romanko and Xiomara Schultz.

Sarah Romanko, Texas, President
Xiomara Schultz, Oklahoma, Vice President

Podcast Interview with SkillsUSA’s National Officers | Part 3: High School At-Large Officers

Pictured from left to right: Tarik Barnes, Abigail Jensen, Kayla Ketterling, Cecelia Lausten and Ryan Tinder.

Tarik Barnes, Texas, President
Abigail Jensen, Alaska, Treasurer
Kayla Ketterling, Wyoming, Vice President
Cecelia Lausten, Minnesota, Parliamentarian
Ryan Tinder, Oklahoma, Secretary

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