The SkillsUSA Advantage

Dr. Ricardo Romanillos, Karolina Belen and SkillsUSA National officer Grace Smith share “The SkillsUSA Advantage” report recently released by the Student Research Foundation and discuss how SkillsUSA members consistently outperform peers who are not enrolled in career and technical student organizations (CTSOs).

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Interview with Sheila Vasquez

This former SkillsUSA national officer’s talents have taken her from culinary arts to the courtroom to authoring a children’s book. With every unexpected twist in the road so far, one thing has remained consistent: Sheila Vasquez has always found mentors to help guide the way.

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Learn About SkillsUSA Scholarships

Did you know there are several scholarships available to SkillsUSA members? What are they? How do you apply?

We get all the details about available scholarships from Megan Flinn, Member Engagement Specialist for SkillsUSA.

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Celebrate SkillsUSA Week

SkillsUSA Week is Feb. 6-10. There are a lot of ways to recognize your chapter’s work. Learn more about how to celebrate SkillsUSA Week with SkillsUSA’s Tyler Chaffin.

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WorldSkills USA Welders Featured on Arc Junkies Podcast

The Arc Junkies podcast, hosted by Jason Becker, recently featured several past WorldSkills USA welders.

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Chelle Travis and Courtney Ferrell on the Inside the Trades Podcast

SkillsUSA Executive Director Chelle Travis and Conference Management Services Program Director Courtney Ferrell discuss SkillsUSA and the National Leadership & Skills Conference with Matt Consigli on Inside the Trades.

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