Author: Jane DeShong Short

Vintage Wheels Spin a Modern Success Story

On the day he joined SkillsUSA, Ben Falconer proclaimed he’d secure bragging rights as a gold medalist in the Automotive Refinishing competition. What SkillsUSA helped him achieve since that bold prediction has proven far more important, leading Falconer to a successful, rewarding career restoring some of the rarest, most expensive cars in the world.

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First Jobs: Success Has to Start Somewhere

Whether you remember them with fondness or try not to remember them at all, first jobs always have a unique influence on the jobs that follow. SkillsUSA members and partners share what they learned from their own first dives into the waters of the workforce.

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Serving the Poor is Her Medical Mission

Brice Harader-Pate always makes the most of family support and educational opportunities. Now she’s paying it forward by providing critical medical care to those who need it most.

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