Jane DeShong Short

Students Create a Fun Fall Festival Fundraiser

SkillsUSA Texas students joined forces with their school’s Future Educators of America chapter to build a “spooktacular” fundraiser.
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Expertise Freely Shared Yields Additive Effects on Student Success

“Awe-inspiring.” That’s how Sandy Wilton of SME refers to the talent of SkillsUSA students. It’s also a fitting adjective for the selfless support Wilton and ...
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Honoring 9/11 While Showcasing Skills

Oklahoma Masonry Students Built a Reminder that One of the Worst Days in U.S. History Saw Some of the Bravest Acts in American History.
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Lee Ann Rees in class.

Passion Plus Purpose Equals Success

This veteran continues serving her country by shaping its future.
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The “Three Señoritas” Team Up to Help Others

Three SkillsUSA Rhode Island sophomores who gave their time, energy and sustained effort over a whole school year to serve others in their community ended ...
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Supporting Their Futures with the Four Pillars of Leadership

During a transformative leadership academy, SkillsUSA California students ignite their limitless potential.
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