Kennedy HS project leaders

Entering a Calm Space

As they and their peers returned to in-person learning following the darkest days of the pandemic, SkillsUSA California students developed a community service project designed to support the mental health of their classmates.

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Cleaning Up on Experience Through Service

Laundry experts generally advise against washing white clothes with colors, but these SkillsUSA HVAC students were happy to mix real-world experience with community service when they installed a laundry for a local nonprofit.

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All Hands on Deck for Real-World Experience

SkillsUSA Massachusetts students save their community hundreds of thousands of dollars while earning invaluable real-world experience in their trade areas.

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Framing Excellence

At our recent National Leadership & Skills Conference in Atlanta, SkillsUSA named and celebrated our 2022 Models of Excellence winners. Here’s how each of these top-tier chapters earned their recognition while showcasing the power of the SkillsUSA Framework within their communities.

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Milestones of Hope

SkillsUSA Rhode Island students support the newest members of their community through a unique service project designed to turn worry into encouragement.

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Framing the Power of Service

SkillsUSA Pennsylvania students and teachers rally to support at-risk community members.

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