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Understanding Your Potential Will Help You to Realize It

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SkillsUSA regularly offers a wide variety of scholarship opportunities to its members. You can learn more about the latest at:

What if you were offering a scholarship of your own? Let’s say your scholarship read like this: “I’m offering a profes- sionally secure future to one qualified applicant. For consideration, applicants will need to demonstrate the following …”

As a class, split into two groups. Each group will come up with five character traits and five personal accomplish- ments that should follow the dots in the scholarship’s description. Make sure the imaginary applicant is in the same grade or college/postsecondary level as your class, and write your answers accordingly. Discuss each group’s answers as a class.

For the best chance at a secure future, what kind of person should you be? What accomplishments should you already be aspiring to? SkillsUSA is here to help you become that person and reach those goals. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Bad luck is when lack of preparation meets reality.

Eliyahu Goldratt
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