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When Slogans Become Declarations of Confidence

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Opportunity doesn’t make appointments. You have to be ready when it arrives.

Tim Fargo

SkillsUSA’s theme this year is “SkillsUSA: Champions at Work, I’m Ready.” It’s a theme that could easily elicit the response, “Ready for what?”

As a class, come up with answers to that question. What are some areas in life, both personally and professionally, that SkillsUSA is helping you get “ready” for? How is SkillsUSA helping you get ready?

One way to show you’re ready is with the new Career Essentials Credential, part of the SkillsUSA Career Essentials program. Everyone who earns the credential maintains a career-readiness portfolio that demonstrates transferrable career readi- ness skills and the ability to successfully contribute to the workplace. In short, it makes you “kind of a big deal.”

During SkillsUSA’s recent national conference, the first credentials were awarded at a special event (see photo at right). Learn more at:

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