Author: Craig Moore

Cooking Outside the Pan

EvaMarie Downs operated a thriving business in the culinary arts field she loved, but the pandemic threatened to derail her dreams. Undaunted, Downs used what she’d learned as a SkillsUSA student to adapt her business to the current environment, ensuring that the immunosuppressed people she serves in her California county are living — and eating — well.

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SkillsUSA Members Named Presidential CTE Scholars

There’s a reason the SkillsUSA Framework’s third component (personal and workplace skills are the first two of …

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PODCAST: Interview with Glori Beaufort

Glori Beaufort was a member of SkillsUSA in high school, but found ways to stay involved after graduation. We sit down with her to discuss her experiences as a SkillsUSA member and how the skills learned there have helped her as a professional photographer.

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Game Changer

Dave Curry is helping to continue the legacy of a Hershey, Pa., icon while changing the face of career and technical education at home and nationwide.

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Nick Jordan Group

Providing a Second Chance to Build a Better Future

Advisor Nick Jordan teaches construction while building up his students, his school’s program and the reputation of both in the community.

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WorldSkills USA

Hard work pays off as this year’s SkillsUSA-fielded team makes giant strides in international competition

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